Daily Archives: September 18, 2007

Yamada Yu Live

Yamada YuModel-turned-actress Yamada Yu (23) made her live singing debut yesterday at an event that also featured her younger brother. She was a surprise guest at the “Shibuya Girls Collection” in Tokyo, a combination of fashion and live music. She performed five songs, including her latest single “Fiesta! Fiesta!”, during which she was joined by dancer Sam (45). The TRF member, and ex of Amuro Namie, seems to be working more as a choreographer for other artists these days. Among the other names featured in the event were Yamada’s brother Shintaro (20), who is also a fashion model, and actress Horikita Maki (18), currently appearing in the drama adaptation of the girls’ manga “Hanazakari no Kimitachi he” on Fuji TV.

• In the latest development of her tumultuous life, actress Nami Etsuko (56) has married for the third time. A source says she and her new 57-year-old husband, who met while working on a drama several years ago, tied the knot on Sunday. A former ballet dancer and singer, Nami is known as much for her private life as her dramatic career. She was previously married to Village Singers member Hayashi Yutaka from 1970-72, and to a movie producer in 1975. They had one son, actor Namikawa Kouta (31), but the marriage ended in 1988. In 1996 she underwent cosmetic surgery on her breasts but lost both nipples after suffering complications, and sued the hospital. In 2004 she suffered from osteoarthritis in her hands and feet.