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Sock Prices Slashed!

Tabi socks

Some of our customers in colder climes have started ordering insulated jikatabi liners to keep out the winter chills. But for most of us heading into the winter season, we can get by with insulated jikatabi or by adding a pair of tabi socks or toe socks. So we’ve decided to make that a little easier by reducing prices right across our range of socks. On average, prices have been cut by about 20%, and even more if you order several pairs becase many of our socks originally come in packs of 4 or 5 pairs.

The plain black and white tabi socks continue to be the most popular in all sizes. But we are considering whether to expand our range of socks with colorful designs. So do let us know if you’re interested in pattern or themed tabi socks for ladies or for men.

Check out our range of tabi socks and toe socks.