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The time in Japan is 14:36, Sunday, February 17th
The next national holiday is Mar 21, Shunbun no Hi (Vernal Equinox).

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Japanese Take Reality Shows to a Whole New Level

Reality television has come a long way. The initial spark of genuineness that caught people's attention turned into something highly stylized and overly dramatic. Which is why the Japanese reality show Terrace House feels like a breath of fresh air.


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Japan Flooding Update

Flooding in Hiroshima (Kyodo)As you may have seen in the news, torrential rain has caused massive flooding in parts of western Japan, leading to the loss of more than 100 lives, with many thousands more devastated, and evacuation orders for some 2 million people.

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Sad End for Tokio's Yamaguchi

Tatsuya Yamaguchi Quits TokioTatsuya Yamaguchi Quits Tokio Tatsuya Yamaguchi (46), a member of the veteran "boy band" Tokio, was recently in tears as he announced that he was quitting in the wake of a sexual assault scandal.

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Sukajan JacketSTORE

There's no better way to declare your love for Japanese style than with a beautiful satin sukajan jacket.

These bomber jackets, with their characteristic images of dragons and tigers, are a staple of street fashion in Japan. Read more...


Japan changes prime ministers the way most of us change our shirt. And not many of them get a second bite at the apple.

So a second term of Abe Shinzo was always going to be noteworthy, let alone a third and a fourth! But the leadership of Japan's 3rd-longest serving PM has seen a shift back to conservatism, controversy and possible conflict with Japan's East Asian neighbors. Read more...


Sumo may be Japan's traditional sport, with its centuries-old history and deeply ingrained rituals. But for the last decade the top ranks have been completely dominated by Mongolian-born stars. Until now.

Will the long-awaited tournament win by a native-born wrestler ignite new interest in the sport? Read more...

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