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The current time in Japan is 10:20, Saturday on December 07th 2019

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What is the Difference Between Pachinko And Slots?

Pachinko, a hugely popular pasttime all across Japan , is like a cross between pinball and slot machines. If you've ever wondered what the difference is between pachinko and slots, this article has it covered.


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Story Teller Project

Story Teller ProjectI assume this has actually already been done before, but it strikes me as a clever idea: mix manga and pop. Story Teller Project describe themselves as a "rookie masked band" whose style is "poetry reading and singing, combined with comic pictures!"

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The End of an Era

Emperor Akihito of Japan becomes the first in living memory, indeed in centuries, to abdicate from the throne, bringing the 30-year Heisei Era to a close. His son, Crown prince Naruhito, will formally ascend to the throne at midnight tonight, marking the beginning of the new Reiwa Era.

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Fried Sushi

Fried Sushi This comic shows the very common sight of a housewife "bashing" her futon. The thick, padded mattresses are regularly hung outside and beaten with a large baton-like device to get rid of dust and mites. Despite the joke in the comic, futons are generally pretty comfortable!

Fried Sushi Fried Sushi, a one-panel comic strip that pokes lighthearted fun at Japanese culture, was created by Liam Akin with reverence for the beautiful, unique, yet often baffling world that is Japan.

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