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The time in Japan is 01:34, Tuesday, March 19th
The next national holiday is Mar 21, Shunbun no Hi (Vernal Equinox).

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Japanese Take Reality Shows to a Whole New Level

Reality television has come a long way. The initial spark of genuineness that caught people's attention turned into something highly stylized and overly dramatic. Which is why the Japanese reality show Terrace House feels like a breath of fresh air.


Fried Sushi

Fried Sushi This cartoon references the Women Only carriages that were first introduced around 2001 as a measure to deal with groping on trains.

Fried Sushi Fried Sushi, a one-panel comic strip that pokes lighthearted fun at Japanese culture, was created by Liam Akin with reverence for the beautiful, unique, yet often baffling world that is Japan.

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Sukajan JacketSTORE

There's no better way to declare your love for Japanese style than with a beautiful satin sukajan jacket.

These bomber jackets, with their characteristic images of dragons and tigers, are a staple of street fashion in Japan. Read more...

Mt Fuji and Sakura HANAMI SEASON

Japan is already beginning to gear up for perhaps the most spectacularly beautiful part of the year. Hanami season is when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom across the country and people head out in their millions to celebrate.

Their presence is fleeting, which only adds to the romantic notion that they represent the beauty and impermanence of life itself. Read more...

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