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Leo-Sama in Tokyo for Inception Premiere

Inception Japan Premiere

Actor Watanabe Ken (50) was joined by his new BFF, Hollywood superstar Leonardo Dicaprio (35), in Tokyo yesterday at the local premiere of Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi blockbuster “Inception.” About 2,00 fans turned out for the event, held at the Roppongi Hills Arena in the center of the capital. It’s only been a few months since “Leo-sama” was here promoting “Shutter Island,” and the climax of Inception was filmed here last year.

As he has been doing at all events for the latest movie, Dicaprio referred to Watanabe as a Japanese “treasure.” The local boy demured, saying, “It’s not just me. This movie is like the World Cup, with treasures from many different countries.” The movie, which has a diverse international cast, opens in theaters here on July 23.

Akanishi AWOL as KAT-TUN Start Tour


Johnny’s Jimusho (profile) aidoru group KAT-TUN were minus one member as they kicked off their Asia concert tour (boldly titled “World Tour 2010”) last weekend. Kamenashi Kazuya (24, photo 3rd from right) apologized to fans before the show at Tokyo Dome for the absence of Akanishi Jin (26, photo 3rd from left), who has decided to leave the group and focus on his solo career in the U.S. He said he hadn’t heard anything from his band mate and didn’t even know if he was currently in Japan. The five remaining members performed 34 songs, including their new release, “Going.” The group will perform their first ever overseas concerts in Seoul, South Korea and Taipei, Taiwan, next month.

Akanishi later posted a message on the Johnny’s members website, saying that the main reason he left the group was a “strong difference in musical direction,” rather than any personal problems with the other members.

Director Edagawa Dies at 93
Movie director Edagawa Hiromu died last week at a Tokyo hospital, it was announced on Tuesday. He was 93. He was best known for his comedy movies of the 1950s and 60s, such as “Koi to Kane” and “Salaryman Dontobushi.”