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Leah’s Latest Lesson in Japanese Showbiz

Leah DizonJapan-based American idol singer Leah Dizon (22) revealed on the final night of her concert tour that she got married on October 10. She’s also pregnant and will be taking a break from work until after the baby is born, but says she plans to continue her career. her husband is described as a handsome Japanese stylist in his late 20s. Dizon burst onto the Japanese scene early last year after having made the move to build a showbiz career here. Though she has no Japanese blood, she has the fashion model look that has been popular with young women in Japan in recent years, and she put out enough risque photos to keep her growing male fanbase happy. Growing steadily more confident in her Japanese language ability, she launched a pop career in February 2007 and was surprisingly successful. She couldn’t contain her emotions when that success earned her an invitation to appear on NHK’s annual concert on New Year’s Eve. Marriages between showbiz couples are as prone to failure in japan as anywhere, but successful shotgun marriages are particularly rare. Japan Zone gives this particular one two years max.