Radiohead Pitch In for New Matsu Takako Movie


In a first for a Japanese production, alternative Brit rockers Radiohead are contributing the theme song for the Matsu Takako movie “Kokuhaku.” The 2009 Grammy Award winners have agreed for the song “Last Flowers,” to be used as the movie’s theme. A live version of the song was included as a bonus track on overseas editions of the band’s 2007 album “In Rainbows” but it has never been released in Japan.


“Kokuhaku” (Confession) is adapted from the 2009 bestselling mystery novel by Minato Kanae, which won the 2009 Honya Taisho award. If the movie lives up to its trailer, Matsu (35), who was chosen as the Best Actress at this year’s Japan Academy Awards, will have enhanced her solid reputation yet again. She plays a junior high school teacher who, after her infant daughter is found dead, seeks revenge against the two students that she believes carried out the murder. The plot evolves through a series of confessions and the movie also addresses some heavy social themes such as HIV, “ijime” (bullying) and “hikikomori” (social withdrawal). With Nakashima Tetsuya directing, the movie looks to have the visual flair of his other films, which include “Kamikaze Girls” and “Memories of Matsuko.” The movie is scheduled for release on June 5.

Watch the trailer for Kokuhaku on YouTube.