Lady Gaga Loves Her Little Japanese Monsters

Lady Gaga

American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga (24) touched down at Narita International Airport yesterday with a very visible message for all her fans in Japan. In addition to her usual tattoos, her left arm displayed a hand-written message in Japanese: “I love little monsters,” a reference to her pet name for her fans. A closer look at the katakana reveals that it was likely written by a Japanese person rather than the star herself. Similar messages (“I love small monsters” and “Tokyo love”) were written in black pen on her extremely expensive Hermes “Birkin” bag. Renowned for her outlandish fashion sense, she wore an outfit that seemed inspired by both kabuki stage wear and the tobi style worn by Japanese construction workers.

The singer headed to Kobe for the first of five shows in Japan. After three nights at Kobe World, she will play Yokohama Arena on Saturday and Sunday.