Daily Archives: December 15, 2009

Shanadoo Bringing it Home


The four-girl pop unit Shanadoo are something of a reverse import. Made up of four Japanese girls – C’k, Jun, Rose and Marina – the group debuted in June 2006 in Germany and are only now making their move on the Japanese market. The four were in Tokyo over the weekend to take part in a series of events. They included a Christmas event at the German Cultural Center on Saturday; the Shibuya Collection fashion show on Sunday; and they are scheduled to join the Shibuya Peace Matsuri 2009 on December 19, an event organized by students of Tokyo’s 13 universities. Shanadoo have been featured in a Newsweek special on 100 people Japan can be proud of and are regarded in Europe as a prime example of “Japanese Cool.” But only with the release last month of the album “Launch Party” have they taken aim at their home market. The group have been doing well on the digital download rankings and are attracting increasing media attention.