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Oshio Manabu Re-Arrested

Oshio Manabu, Isono Kiri

Former actor Oshio Manabu (31, photo left) was detained by Tokyo police this evening, three days after a warrant was issued for his latest arrest. Also in detention at the Azabu police station in central Tokyo are Izumida Yusuke (31), an acquaintance of Oshio, and his former manager, Endo Ryohei (28). Oshio was arrested in August on charges of possession and use of MDMA (ecstasy) and received a suspended prison sentence last month. But from the start, the more serious matter was the death of hostess Tanaka Kaori (30), whose naked body was found in the Roppongi Hills apartment used by Oshio (and reportedly others) as a “play spot.” Traces of MDMS were found in her blood though it has been a matter of contention whether she supplied Oshio with the drugs (as he has claimed) or he gave them to her. When she had a bad reaction to the drugs, Oshio called Endo and moved to another apartment, and it was an estimated three hours before anyone called for an ambulance. For now, Oshio has been charged with supplying the drugs to Tanaka, and there may well be further charges such as abandonment of her body. Endo has been charged with disposing of Tanaka’s mobile phone, while Izumida is charged with providing the drugs to Oshio.
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• Talento Isono Kiri (45, photo right) chose one of her regular TV slots to announce last night that she had divorced her two-timing husband. She said on the NTV variety show “Gyoretsu No Dekiru Horitsu Shodanjo” that she and Shoji Hiroyuki (38), the son of a comedienne, decided to split after she found out his having an affair. Shoji is Isono’s manager and the two married in 2003 after a 10-year relationship. Isono said she grew suspicious during the summer as Shoji’s golf outings and all-night trips grew more frequent. When she checked his mobile phone she found messages between him and his mistress. When she confronted him, he asked for a divorce. She said after the variety show that she will continue to work with Shoji for the same management agency.

• Happier news for actor Kamikawa Takaya (44), who announced by fax today that he married a former stage actress last Friday. His new bride, who wasn’t named, recently retired due to health problems.