Daily Archives: December 4, 2009

Love Lost, Love Found

Enari Kazuki, Yumi, Hara Chiaki, Jam Ojisan

A couple of stories of love found and love lost. Baby-faced actor Enari Kazuki (25, top left) has broken up with his girlfriend of two years. Enari-kun, as he is popularly known, and flute player Yumi (25, top right) were widely thought to be headed for marriage. His management agency refused to comment on reports that the pair’s relationship ended earlier this year, but management for Yumi confirmed that they are true. Sources say their conflicting and busy work schedules made romance impossible and they decided to go their separate ways. Enari has several regular slots hosting TV variety shows as well as many guest appearances and TV drama roles.

Meanwhile, happier news for talento Hara Chiaki (34, bottom left). She confirmed her relationship with a TV producer (36) by email to a live afternoon variety show yesterday. She sent the email to Nakayama Hideyuki, host of the NTV show “Omoikiri Don!” and a “sempai” at her management agency. The gossip papers had described her boyfriend as a “wild” Asano Tadanobu lookalike, but she joked that in fact he looks more like Jam Ojisan (bottom right) from the kids anime “Anpanman.”