Daily Archives: January 4, 2008

My Little Ex-Lover

Kobayashi Takeshi AkkoPopular music producer Kobayashi Takeshi (48) and former My Little Lover vocalist Akko (34) divorced on New Year’s Day. They had been separated for some time but decided to make the split official, though they will continue to work together. Akko, real name Akamatsu Akiko, retains custody of the two children born during their almost 12-year marriage. Kobayashi, Akko and guitarist Fujii Kenji (38) formed the band known to fans as “MaiRaba” in 1995, with Kobayashi formally becoming a member for the album “evergreen”, which sold over 3 million copies. Fujii left the group in 2002. Kobayashi has produced hits for such artists as Mr. Children and Remioromen. In January of last year, he was romantically linked with singer Hitoto You (31), though he has denied he has any plans to remarry.