Daily Archives: December 20, 2006

Kimutaku Declines Academy Nomination

Actor, SMAP member and Japan’s No.1 heart throb Kimura Takuya (34) will not be accepting his nomination for a best actor prize at the 30th Japan Academy Awards. Kimutaku stars in “Bushi no Ichibun”, the third in Yamada Yoji‘s trilogy of samurai movies. His decision means that the movie misses its chance to be represented in all 13 award categories. It is the first time an actor has refused a nomination, other than the rare occasion when it has conflicted with a work schedule. Johnny’s Jimusho, which represents Kimura, said he “doesn’t want to compete with other nominees”. The agency also refuses its stars’ nominations for Record Taisho awards as a matter of policy. “Bushi…” was only barely eligible for this year’s awards, opening on December 1, the last day for which movies could be considered. It’s been a big success, taking in over ¥1.7 billion at the box office. Several other of its stars have received nominations, including Dan Rei (35), Sasano Takashi (58), and Momoi Kaori (54). “Bushi…” is said to be Yamada’s last samurai drama, despite the huge success of “Tasogare Seibei” (Twilight Samurai, 2003) and “Kakushi-ken: Oni no Tsume” (Hidden Sword: Demon’s Talons, 2004).