Daily Archives: December 5, 2006

It’s (Almost) Formal

(Editor: After a long weekend of rocking with U2, normal scheduling has now been resumed!)

Actress Fujiwara Norika (35) and comedian Jinnai Tomonori (32) are to be formally engaged on December 10 and will get married before the end of the year. The engagement is timed to coincide with the end of shooting for Fujiwara’s current TV Asahi drama series “Damenzu Walker”, while the ceremony is likely to be held at the Ikuta Jinja shrine in their mutual hometown of Kobe. If the ceremony is indeed held there, it will no doubt lead to a rush in bookings from other couples, especially those hoping to get in on the same day as showbiz’s latest “big couple”.

• World-renowned composer and musician Sakamoto Ryuichi (54) and singer/songwriter Yano Akiko (51) recently divorced, according to Yano’s management agency. The couple had been married since 1982 but had been living separately for more than ten years. Their daughter is musician Sakamoto Miu (26). Sakamoto won an Academy Award for his soundtrack to the 1987 movie “The Last Emperor”.