Daily Archives: December 7, 2006

Fessing Up

Famously eccentric actress Ishihara Mariko (42) held a press conference yesterday to launch her new book. “Fuzoroina Himitsu” not only includes revelations of her relationships with 13 stars, both comedians and top actors, but also gives their full names. The names include top comedian Akashiya Sanma, rock singer Kikkawa Koji, Johnny’s Jimusho idol stars Tahara Toshihiko and Kondo Masahiko, and actor Nakai Kiichi. When asked by reporters how she thought these people would feel about their names being revealed, she snapped “Ask them yourself!” The book also describes the domestic violence she suffered at the hands of a famous singer. She says she contacted his agency about the book but got no reply. Ishihara is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her acting debut and is making a full fledged comeback. She will appear in the movie “Ashita no Watashi no Tsukurikata”, directed by Ichikawa Jun (58) and due for release next spring. Among the many stories about Ishihara’s eccentricity is one about her finishing filming in Kyoto of a period drama and boarding a shinkansen for Tokyo still dressed in the elaborate kimono of a princess. She spent the night with a lover in the capital, then returned to the set in Kyoto the next morning, wearing the same costume. She spent 10 years in the U.S., having decided to mostly give up Japanese showbiz in 1995.

• A couple of other celebrities came clean yesterday about their love lives. Sato Eriko (24) and Kato Haruhiko (31) are not going out with each other, but they are co-starring in the upcoming horror movie “Kuchisake Onna”. At a PR event for the movie, Sato acknowledged her relationship with kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo (29) for the first time to the media, saying she plans to be open about it from now on. Up to now, she has only referred to Ichikawa as “one of my friends”. Kato said his relationship with Chukyo TV announcer Honda Sayuri (30) was “going just fine”, the first time he has spoken about it to reporters. “Kuchisake…”, directed by Shiraishi Koji, is scheduled to open in theaters next spring.