Daily Archives: December 16, 2006

Beauty and the Beast

Just call them Tokyo Dynamite Body! This week’s issue of weekly magazine Friday has revealed the romantic relationship between popular G-cup porn star Aoi Sora (23) and rotund comedian Hachimitsu Jiro (32). Weighing in at over 100kg, the tubby, peroxide funny man is one half of the up and coming manzai duo Tokyo Dynamite. The management agencies for both celebrities have confirmed the relationship and it seems the couple are already living together. Tokyo Dynamite, made up of Hachimitsu in red and Matsuda Daisuke in white, are with Kitano “Beat” Takeshi‘s management agency, Office Kitano, and Takeshi himself rates them very highly. The agency said in a statement, “It might seem strange, but the combination of Hachimitsu’s masculine personality and baby face makes him very popular with the ladies. I guess they can feel safe with him.” Aoi made her AV debut at the age of 18 and her popularity has enabled to start making the crossover to TV and radio. She has appeared in several TV dramas and has become a semi-regular on the variety circuit. She placed second in the female celebrity category in Internet search rankings for 2005.