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Kuwata Keisuke Recovering After Surgery

Kuwata Keisuke

Just a week after announcing that Kuwata Keisuke (54) had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer, management for the hugely popular singer said yesterday that he has undergone surgery. In a brief statement, the Amuse agency said the operation was a success. “He was able to speak immediately after the anesthetic wore off, and surprised the doctors by being able to walk a little the next day.” The agency didn’t give details of the surgery, but today’s issue of the “Josei Seven” magazine says that Kuwata was admitted to a Tokyo hospital on July 30 and underwent a 6-hour operation on August 2. It said that the Southern All Stars vocalist will remain in intensive care for a few days at least but is thought likely to make a full recovery within the year. And of course he has the loving support of his wife and fellow band member Hara Yuko (53).