Daily Archives: October 17, 2007

Fuji Discovers Success with Galileo

Fukuyama Masaharu, Shibasaki Kou“Galileo”, the new Fuji TV Monday night drama series, is off to a good start. With a couple of top names – Fukuyama Masaharu (38), in his first starring role in four years, and Shibasaki Kou (26) – the audience ranking for the opening episode was a very respectable 24.7% in the Kanto region, according to Video Research. The series is based on a popular novel by Higashino Keigo, and Fukuyama plays the physics genius Yukawa Manabu, while Shibasaki plays rookie detective Utsumi Kaoru. Each week features a guest villain, with Karasawa Toshiaki (44) taking on the role in the first episode. SMAP member Katori Shingo (30) will make a guest appearance in the fourth episode. In a radical change from his recent TV and movie role as the Monkey god Songoku in “Saiyuki”, he will play a cunning serial killer.