Yuukorin Engaged

Ogura Yuuko, Kikuchi Isao

Inexplicably popular talento Ogura Yuuko (27) is engaged to be married, according to the Sankei Sports newspaper. She and “charisma hair stylist” Kikuchi Isao (40) have been dating for about two years and are already living together in Tokyo. They are said to have told friends about their engagement at the end of October and are planning to have their wedding ceremony in Hawaii next February. The couple’s relationship was revealed in January when they posted the same photo of the first sunrise of the year on their respective blogs.

Ogura, popularly known by her nickname Yuukorin, made her name as one of TV’s “obaka kyara” or celebrities famous for being dim-witted. To add a bit of individuality, Ogura claims to be an alien who hails from the planet Korinsei. Even when she shows talents other than appearing stupid, such as when she launched her own brand of wedding fashion last year, she can’t resist playing up her image. When asked about her marriage hopes at the time, she said, “I want to marry by the age of 28. I want a prince to come from the planet Korinsei in his strawberry carriage.” Meanwhile, Kikuchi includes among his regular clients actor Tsutsumi Shinichi (46) and the members of Japan’s premier heart-throb band SMAP. He’s also the owner of the hair salon “ing” in the trendy Tokyo district of Minami Aoyama. Described as thin and boyishly handsome, he is a divorcee.