Ishigaki Yuma Arrested in Bar Brawl

Ishigaki YumaIt was revealed yesterday that actor Ishigaki Yuma (26) was recently arrested for assault and interference with a police officer in the execution of his duties. A spokesman for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police in the busy district of Shinjuku said a drunken Ishigaki got into a fight at a local izakaya late on Saturday night. He hit a member of the staff twice after losing his wallet, and was taken by police to the Shinjuku station for questioning. He then got violent again before being subdued by officers. He will face prosecution but has been released on bail. He gave a press conference last night and bowed repeatedly as he apologized for his actions. Ishigaki is with the major Hori Pro management agency, who said he will follow the usual Japanese custom of reclusion after being caught breaking the law. He joined the agency after finishing runner up in their “21st Century Movie Star” audition in 2000. He has been a regular on the Fuji TV variety show “Junk Sports” and appeared in the popular drama series “Waterboys.” On his Hori Pro website, he is described as a taekwondo enthusiast.