Sakamoto Fuyumi Makes “International” Debut

Eric Martin, Debbie Gibson, Sakamoto Fuyumi

Enka singer Sakamoto Fuyumi (43) chose a couple of stars of yesteryear for her first collaboration with overseas artists. In Tokyo yesterday she joined former Mr. Big frontman Eric Martin (50) and 80s pop queen Debbie Gibson (40), who were in town to promote a pair of cover albums of Japanese songs. Martin has a long affinity with Japan – Mr. Big put out three albums under the name “Raw Like Sushi” – and this week he released the third of his “Mr. Vocalist” albums. The albums consist of cover versions of hit ballads by Japanese female singers. He and Sakamoto did an English/Japanese duet of her 2009 hit “Mata Kimini Koishiteru.” Gibson was brought in to give it a different angle, releasing the first “Ms. Vocalist” album.