Noripi Turns Herself In

Sakai Noriko arrested

Bringing an end to the biggest celebrity manhunt Japan has seen in years, actress/singer Sakai Noriko (38) turned herself in at a Tokyo police station tonight. On the run for six days following her husband’s arrest for drug possession, the details are yet to emerge of “Noripi’s” escapade other than she was at the Tokyo home of an acquaintance when she called her lawyer this evening. On his advice she appeared at a police facility near the Tomizaka station in Bunkyo Ward at about 7:55pm. After brief questioning, she confessed to the charges of drug use and at around 9:30pm she was transferred to the Shibuya station (photo). Only now are related stories emerging about Noripi’s change in behavior since her marriage ten years ago to Takaso Yuichi (41), a self-proclaimed pro surfer and business owner. Early last year a tattoo was spotted on her left ankle, something not considered in keeping with her pure and innocent image. Showbiz sources say she had lost a lot of weight and was behaving erratically lately.