Daily Archives: February 11, 2009

A Shock for Aoi?

Miyazaki Aoi, Takaoka SosukeSigns of a possible rift between acting couple Miyazaki Aoi (23) and Takaoka Sosuke (27). According to tomorrow’s edition of weekly magazine “Josei Seven,” Takaoka was recently spotted spending several hours at the Tokyo apartment of young pin-up idol Kinbara Asuka (19). The pair were seen holding hands as the entered the building, after she had attended a birthday party for the actor last Friday and he accompanied her home by taxi. He was seen leaving the building about three hours later, though Kinbara’s management agency insisted he only saw her as far as the front door. Miyazaki is reported not to have attended her husband’s party. But she said at a PR event for her latest movie yesterday that she knows all about the story and insisted that everything is fine. The couple have been married about a year and a half.