Model Gets Suspended Sentence

Takahashi Ayumi

Former popular model and talento Takahashi Ayumi (26) has been found guilty on drug possession charges. At the Tachikawa branch of the Tokyo District Court today the judge handed down a two-year prison sentence, suspended for three years as is the norm for a first offense. Takahashi was arrested for possession of stimulant drugs on August 27, the same day her boyfriend (32) was arrested for his involvement in a traffic accident earlier in the year. He has been described as having ties to a criminal organization. Two days later police also found less than a gram of marijuana in Takahashi’s apartment in the Itabashi district of Tokyo. She said at the time that she had been using drugs for about a year.

In giving her judgement today, the judge said, “You fell under the influence of drugs. But now you are working steadily, so I will give you a chance to start over.” Takahashi has been a regular for such popular fashion magazines as “Popteen” and “Tokyo Street News” and appeared in TV commercials for several famous brands. She also had a role in the recent live action adaptation of the “Yatterman” anime. She quit her management agency about a year ago and started working as a club DJ.