Daily Archives: May 27, 2004

Cutie in Tears

Actress Tanaka Reina (24) is to star in a Chinese TV drama. “Aigami Seikihatsu”, set to air next spring, will be Tanaka’s debut as a leading actress. It will also star Chinese actors Chen Jen Bin (34) and Dan Hao (26) and be directed by award-winning moviemaker Jin Chen (35). Filming will take place between June and August in Dalian and Tokyo.

• Aspiring actress Sato Eriko (22) broke down in tears while addressing the 2,000-strong audience at a PR event for her new movie “Cutie Honey”. She said she was overcome with happiness by the huge turnout of fans. The movie adaptation of the famous TV anime has been widely hyped and is a big career step for the pin-up girl. The tall and slim Sato is one of the high-profile members of the Yellow Cab talent agency that specializes in girls with large to enormous bustlines.