Daily Archives: May 13, 2004


Actress Mifune Mika (photo, 21) is four months pregnant with her first baby. The daughter of screen legend Mifune Toshiro married rock vocalist Takahashi Joji (45) on her 16th birthday in 1998. She announced the pregnancy as the reason for taking a break after finishing a recent stage production in Tokyo.

• Tetsu (34), the red-sweatsuited half of comedy duo Tetsu & Tomo, announced this week that he recently got married on his bithday. His wife is a 29-year old accessory designer. Tetsu & Tomo got their break in showbiz last year with the “Nandedaro” song and dance routine.

• Wedding bells also for comedian Nishii Ryuji (28) of the manzai duo Rainbaku, who announced this week that he tied the knot with 30-year company employee Sachimi way back on Valentine’s Day. By the way, the name “Rainbaku” is a tribute to former Hanshin Tigers slugger Mike Reinbach, a popular star with the team in the late 1970s.

• And former TV Asahi presenter Kawakita Momoko (29) is engaged to marry a 32-year old director at a company that produces shows for NTV.