Daily Archives: May 8, 2004

Maki’s Big Day

Actress Mizuno Maki (34) and politician Gotoda Masazumi (34), who recently registered their marriage, will hold their wedding ceremony in the city of Tokushima tomorrow. Mizuno says she is a big Hugh Grant fan and plans to have the theme tune to one of his movies at the ceremony. Before leaving Tokyo, she attended a press conference for her upcoming TV Asahi drama, “Jakou” (Evil Light). The suspense story is based on a prize-winning bestseller novel from last year. Mizuno plays the heroine, whose husband – played by Sawamura Ikki (36) – cheats on her. Asked what she thought of such things, she replied “I guess it’s okay if I don’t know. Some things are just better not known. Secrets should be taken to the grave”.