Daily Archives: May 12, 2004

Happy Miwa, Woe is Mii

Dreams Come True vocalist Yoshida Miwa (photo, 39) announced yesterday that she had married video director Sueda Ken (30) in a small private ceremony. The couple have not registered their marriage, and have no plans to do so, making it unofficial in the law. They met on a DCT video shoot 2 and a half years ago, while Sueda was still married. He got a divorce in March of last year.

• Nemoto Mitsuyo (46), better known as Mii of the pop duo Pink Lady, recently noticed that her bank account had been “skimmed” of ¥17 million. After reporting the theft to the police, it was discovered that the money had been withdrawn from her account over the course of the last six months. She hadn’t missed the ATM card, which she says she seldom used.