Daily Archives: May 17, 2004

J-pop Princesses in Action

Over in South Korea, Amuro Namie (photo, 26) finished the final leg of her Asian tour at the Olympic gymnastics arena in Seoul on Saturday. The last show, for which she shared the headline with popular Korean male R&B singer Rain, brought the total number of fans for the three nights she played in Seoul to 25,000. The local media gave the event a lot of attention, welcoming Amuro as the “uta-hime” (song princess) of the Japanese pop world.

• Another J-pop star trying to relive her glory days, Suzuki Ami (22), gave her showbiz comeback a good publicity boost by playing a “mini live” before a J-League game on Saturday. Wearing a Kashiwa Reysol shirt, ‘Amigo’ sang three songs, including her new single, before the game between Reysol and Kashima Antlers at the National Stadium.