Daily Archives: May 11, 2004

Takenouchi to Take on Yusaku Role

Fuji TV’s summer drama series is to be a remake of the 1977 movie “Ningen no Shomei” (Proof of the Man). It will star Takenouchi Yutaka (33) and air at 10pm on Thursdays from July 8. Other big names lined up include veterans Matsuzaka Keiko (51) and Ogata Ken (66). The original movie teamed up some of the biggest Japanese stars of the time – Matsuda Yusaku, Mifune Toshiro, Tsuruta Koji – with Hollywood star George Kennedy. When an American is murdered in a Japanese inn, Tokyo detective Munesue (Matsuda) follows the trail of the killer to New York, where he teams up with detective Shuftan (Kennedy).