Daily Archives: May 2, 2004

hitomi’s Back

Singer hitomi (28) generated some publicity for her upcoming tour by playing an unannounced “secret live” in the departures lobby of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on Friday. Clad in a bikini top and cowboy hat, she gave a nice Golden Week surprise to about 3,000 people in the airport. (The event brought some good publicity for the airport too, after it had to be closed down on Thursday when a loony drove his car through a security fence, buzzed around the runways and killed himself by diving into Tokyo Bay.) The hitomi tour will be her first in almost two years. It kicks off in Chiba on May 15 and takes in 16 venues nationwide, finishing with Kokaido in Tokyo’s teen mecca of Shibuya in July. hitomi married a design company employee in November 2002 and went “into hiding” for a year and a half.