Daily Archives: May 20, 2004

2046 Will be Ready…at 20:46

SMAP member and perennial most popular man in Japan Kimura Takuya (31) arrived at the Cannes Film Festival safe and sound but it looks like the movie he’s there to promote might not be so lucky. “2046”, the new flick by Wong Kar Wai (45), was scheduled to have its press screening this morning, but one reel was still on its way from Bangkok last night and scheduled to arrive in Paris at 5am. With French subtitles yet to be added and a trip across the country to the south coast, it was decided to cancel the morning showing and delay the 7pm gala screening by half an hour. This is a first for the prestigious film fest, according to organizers, as well as a major embarrassment all round. The screening schedule for other films, including Oshii Mamoru’s “anime “Innocence”, has also been disrupted. The project, which has no script whatsoever, has been plagued by problems from the start. Production started in 1999 but soon ground to a halt due to scheduling difficulties. It was restarted last November after a 4-year hiatus, but even then no end to the project could be seen. But the – almost – finished film has received good reviews and a Best Actor award for Tony Leung (41).