Anzai Hajime Forms Punk Band

Soramimi HourIllustrator and designer Anzai Hajime (54) is best known to Japan veterans as the “Soramimi Hour” presenter on the long-running late night TV Asahi variety show “Tamori Club.” He announced yesterday that he has formed his own punk band, and that the four-member Lastorderz will be the very first act on stage at the Summer Sonic festival on August 10. He says he used his connections at TV Asahi, who are one of the event’s sponsors, to get his unknown band in the lineup. After that morning appearance, the band will head across Tokyo to the World Happiness festival, which will also feature techno pioneers HASYMO (aka Yellow Magic Orchestra). With Anzai on vocals, the band currently has a repertoire of 11 songs. For almost two decades, Anzai has been known as the “soramimi-ist,” presenting overseas music clips with lyrics that sound – often hilariously – like Japanese to the delight of host, top comedian Tamori. The clips are shown with short videos that capture the humor of the mistranslation.