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The time in Japan is 11:32, Friday, July 01st
The next national holiday is Sep 19, Keiro no Hi (Respect for the Aged Day).

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Wolverine a fan of pachislot?

You may by now have heard of Pachinko, the pinball-like form of legalized gambling popular all across Japan. Well now meet its little brother, Pachislot. Familiar to anyone who has ever played slot machines, yet with a Japanese twist.


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Golden Week & Shipping Delays

Michael Jordan says Get Well Soon!Due to a staff shortage coinciding with the annual Golden Week holidays, there will be extensive delays to order shipping from mid-April until early May. We apologize in advance to all customers affected by these delays for the inconvenience. If your order is urgent, please let us know and we'll move it to the front of the line. Where possible, we will "upgrade" shipping free of charge to make up for lost time.

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Still No Shipping to Belgium

Brussels AirportFollowing last month's terrorist attacks in Brussels, the airport has been closed for some time. As a result we have been unable to ship orders to our customers in Belgium. There have been reports of a "partial reopening" of Brussels Airport, so we checked today with Japan Post but...

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Hanten JacketSTORE

If you want to stay warm and cosy this winter, there's no better way than with a padded cotton hanten jacket.

Warmer even than a down or fleece jacket, hanten have been worn in the cold north of Japan for more than a century. Read more...


Japan changes prime ministers the way most of us change our shirt. And not many of them get a second bite at the apple.

So the second term of Abe Shinzo was always going to be noteworthy. Even more so now that it has seen a shift back to conservatism, controversy and possible conflict with Japan's East Asian neighbors. Read more...


Sumo may be Japan's traditional sport, with its centuries-old history and deeply ingrained rituals. But for the last decade the top ranks have been completely dominated by Mongolian-born stars. Until now.

Will the long-awaited tournament win by a native-born wrestler ignite new interest in the sport? Read more...

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