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Why advertise with Japan Zone?

It's simple - Japan Zone is not only one of the most popular information sites on Japan, it's also one of the best. That's why it has shown steady growth since it was started in June, 1999. The figures speak for themselves:

Statistics (2011)
Unique Visits Page Views
1,206,000 2,410,000

How does Japan Zone rank on the search engines?

Japan Zone is also well represented in the major search engines, as measured by Alexa ranking or Google Page Rank (PR). It ranks at or near the top on Google for many keywords or phrases - "modern Japan", "Japanese popular culture", "Japanese culture" and many more.

Japan Zone's good page ranking on Google will benefit your site not only in terms of increased visitors but also increased search engine visibility.

We can accommodate different ad formats and offer discounts for larger or longer contracts. Ideas for ad types can be seen on the left of this page. We are happy to discuss these and any other ideas you may have, just .

Why is Japan Zone popular?

There are dozens of Internet sites on various aspects of Japan. But every day, thousands of people find just the information they're looking for at Japan Zone. Japan is a multi-faceted country with a rich and varied culture, both traditional and modern, and Japan Zone captures that diversity. Visitors come to the site looking for information on one topic and find lots more to interest them. That's why they stay a while and often come back for more.

With hundreds of pages of information on dozens of topics, an extensive travel guide, photo galleries, forum, penpals, quizzes and e-cards among what the site has to offer, it appeals to just about anyone, whatever their Japan interests. As a result, Japan Zone has become one of the most popular websites on Japan and Japanese culture.

Who visits Japan Zone?

Japan Zone attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, over 40% in the US, but also in every country worldwide, and about 10% in Japan itself. Our popular free newsletter reaches a growing readership, currently over 7,000 fans of Japan and Japanese culture.

How can I pay for my ad?

Payment in US Dollars can be completed using the hugely popular PayPal system. PayPal is the world's largest online payment system. It has over 150 million members worldwide and can be used in more than 200 countries and regions. You can use PayPal to send money - by direct debit or using a major credit card - to anyone who has an email address. You don't even need to have a Paypal account to use the service, but online registration is quick and simple.

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If you're in Japan, you can pay in Japanese Yen by bank transfer. for details.

Ad info Ad policy What's PayPal?