New Look for Tsuji

Former Morning Musume Member Tsuji Nozomi (19, photo left) has a new image. She is now a member of the female trio “Gyaruru”, who played their debut show in Ibaraki Prefecture yesterday. The trio have taken on the “gyaru” (gal) look that is for some reason still popular among today’s teens. With “ganguro” makeup and an extreme fashion sense, these kind of girls can be seen walking the streets of any center of youth culture, such as Tokyo’s Shibuya or Harajuku shopping districts. One of their fashion leaders is Gyaru Sone (21, center), who joins Tsuji and singer Tokito Ami (19, right) in the new trio. Despite her petite figure, Sone is known for her incredible appetite and has won several speed eating contests. Yesterday was her debut as a singer. Tsuji left “Momus” along with Kago Ai (19) in August 2004 to form the duo W. But after being caught smoking underage not once but twice, Kago was finally fired last month. Like Momus, W and many other groups, Gyaruru is the brainchild of producer Tsunku (38), who has them perform the “parapara” style of dancing to their Eurobeat sound. Their debut single, “Boom Boom Mecha Macho” is due for release on June 20.