Daily Archives: April 14, 2007

Udo in Car Smash

Comedian Udo Suzuki (37) wrote off his car in a traffic accident in Tokyo yesterday. He collided head on with a car turning right at an intersection in front of the Fuji TV headquarters in central Tokyo shortly after 1pm. The 54-year-old female driver of the other car suffered some bruising and was taken to hospital by ambulance, but returned later in the afternoon to assist with the police investigation into the cause of the crash. Udo was characteristically humble and apologetic, though he says he was driving under the speed limit and had the right of way. The woman, on the other hand, claims he ignored a red light. Udo was unharmed in the accident, which came the day after his first wedding anniversary, and left the scene to attend an event planning meeting at Fuji TV. One half of the comedy duo Kyain, he has been a regular face on the variety show circuit for many years. He’s easily recognizable from his dyed blonde, semi-mohican hairstyle.