Daily Archives: April 20, 2007

Wakamura Mayumi’s Husband Dies

Actress Wakamura Mayumi (40) has lost her husband after less than four years of marriage. It was revealed yesterday that Ono Kanehiro died at their Tokyo home of sudden liver failure on Wednesday. He was 54. Wakamura returned from filming to find her husband on death’s door. He had been in poor condition since February but his sudden death came as a huge shock. “It’s just so out of the blue that it hasn’t sunk in yet”, she said in a fax sent to the media. Ono was the chairman of Syakusonkai, a fringe Buddhist religious organization. With his background – and huge physical girth – her fame and beauty, and the 14-year age difference, they had the media buzzing in early 2004 when they announced that they had married the previous September.