Daily Archives: December 24, 2008

Non Style Riding the M-1 Wave

Non StyleComedy duo Non Style are suddenly in huge demand. The pair won the annual “M-1 Grand Prix” knockout contest for up-and-coming comedy acts on Sunday and, like last year’s winners Sandwichman, they have since been deluged with offers of work. The final was broadcast live on the TV Asahi network and got an audience rating of 35% in the Kansai region, peaking at over 43% as the winners were announced. Those ratings easily beat even the final of the FIFA World Club Championship, which was being shown live on NTV. In the last couple of days Non Style have lined up more than 30 TV shows and 10 magazine interviews. Two of the TV job offers came from top comedian Shimada Shinsuke (52), who led the panel of M-1 judges and hosts several weekly variety shows. The duo officially had the day off on Monday but appeared on several live morning shows. Ishida Akira (28), who is the boke of the duo and always wears white, said he had been drinking all night in celebration of the win. And tsukomi Inoue Yuusuke (28) admitted they had neither slept nor showered before their appearance. It’s been reported that Inoue is dating porn actress Hasumi.

• Scriptwriter Yamada Taichi (74) says he has written his last drama series. He was speaking at a PR event for the upcoming series “Arifureta Kiseki,” which airs on Fuji TV from January 8. It stars Nakama Yukie (29), as a seemingly happy woman with a secret, who falls in love with a similarly damaged man, played by Kase Ryo (34) in his first drama series role. One of the top scenario writers of the 20th century, Yamada has turned out over 20 two-hour dramas in the last decade. But the new drama is his first series in 12 years and he says he’s getting too old to write stories about young people.