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Makise Riho, BAPE’s Nigo Get Hitched

Makise Riho, NigoActress Makise Riho (36) announced through her management agency today that she and fashion designer Nigo (37) are getting married today. The couple have been dating since they were introduced by a mutual friend in May 2004. Makise debuted after winning a TV commercial audition in 1989, and she became one of the most famous faces of the early 1990s. Among her most famous TV drama series were “Nijuusai no Yakusoku” and “Ichiban Taisetsuna Hito Wa Dare Desu Ka.” She won a newcomer award for her role in the movie “Tsugumi” (1990) and a best actress award in 2002 for “Turn.” Though she is still continuing her acting career, Makise is currently undergoing orthodontic treatment and has not appeared on screen for some time. But she has been working in narration and fashion design. No doubt the latter field is one where her new husband will have plenty of good advice. Real name Nagao Tomoaki, Nigo is the founder of A Bathing Ape (or BAPE), one of Japan’s leading street fashion brands. In the last couple of years he has also been producing and performing with the Teriyaki Boyz hip hop group. The group have tried to break into the U.S. music scene, even enlisting the support of Kanye West, but they have little to show for it so far.

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