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X Japan Big Plan for New Year’s Eve

X Japan

Rock band X Japan have announced an unusual but proven way to allow more fans to enjoy their scheduled New Year’s Eve concert. The show will be broadcast live from the Akasaka Blitz venue in central Tokyo to 13 Toho-operated cinemas across the country, in addition to the already announced broadcasts on Fuji cable TV and the Internet. The band sold out all 150,000 tickets for their three comeback shows at Tokyo Dome in March. So with Blitz only holding one hundredth of that capacity, and with the upcoming show touted as the kick-off for their world tour, tickets were at a huge premium. The tie-up with Toho will allow an additional 10,000 fans to enjoy the concert, which is scheduled to start at 10:30pm. Tickets for Blitz and the cinemas will be sold through Yoshiki’s mobile website and go on sale from midnight tonight. The “cinema/concert” idea was used earlier this year by fellow J-rockers L’Arc En Ciel, who broadcast their Paris show live to five cinemas in Japan in May.

• Actor Kase Taishu (38) was found guilty on drug charges yesterday at the Tokyo District Court. He received a 30-month prison sentence, suspended for three years. The judge acknowledged that Kase’s hardships had contributed to his drug use, but also said that it was long-term and habitual. Kase, real name Kawamoto Nobuhiro, has said that he will return to his family’s home in Hokkaido and start his life over.

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