Keanu, Benicio in Tokyo

The Day the Earth Stood Still, TokyoHollywood stars Keanu Reeves (44) and Benicio Del Toro (41) were in town this week promoting their latest releases. Reeves attended a press conference yesterday to promote his remake of the sci-fi classic “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Asked “If it were your last day on earth, what would you eat?” director Scott Derrickson (42) replied, “The sushi at the Imperial Hotel! Reeves gave a more orthodox answer, saying he’d have steak and salad, followed by a leisurely chocolate cake. Also attending were actress Jennifer Connelly (38) and Will Smith’s son Jaden (10). The movie opens in Japan tomorrow, December 19. Meanwhile, Del Toro was in Tokyo on Monday for the Japan premiere of the Che Guevara biopic “Che.” He and director Steven Soderbergh also teamed up with former pro wrestler and Diet member Antonio Inoki and model Michihata Jessica at a PR event to plug the movie, which opens here January 10.

• TV producer and talento Terri Ito (58) broke a bone in his back while on location for a live TBS show on Tuesday. The former college ice hockey player fell on an ice rink in the central Tokyo district of Akasaka immediately after he had finished presenting the show “Kimiha Break.” He has not been hospitalized but has already missed two of his many regular TV appearances. He is expected to need about two months to fully recover.

• Yukinari (30) has announced that he is quitting the hip hop/dance unit Da Pump. Remaining members Issa (30), who is recovering from a leg injury, and Ken (29) will relaunch the group next year with seven new back dancers.