Another Link Between Showbiz, Yakuza

Senda MitsuoTalento Senda Mitsuo (61) performed as master of ceremonies for a wedding ceremony in November. Nothing unusual about that, except that the ceremony was for the daughter of a yakuza gang boss, according to today’s issue of weekly magazine “Shuukan Shincho.” The magazine quotes Senda as saying, “I had no idea it was connected with an organized crime organization. It was careless of me.” The article said that actress/pin-up girl Hosokawa Fumie (37) and her husband also attended the event. There are likely to be repercussions for Senda – he recently finished filming the NHK drama series “Dandan,” in which he plays a radio DJ, and the series is scheduled to begin from December 24. The public network said that they are looking into the matter and will make a statement later today. In October, NHK banned several top singers from appearing after they were found to have taken part in the birthday celebrations of a top yakuza boss.

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