Harry Potter to Premiere in Tokyo

First Spiderman, now Harry Potter is coming to Tokyo. “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, the fifth installment of the hugely popular movie series, is the latest Hollywood blockbuster to have its world premiere in Tokyo this year. The event will be held at the Roppongi Hills Toho Cinemas complex on June 28. Star Daniel Radcliffe (17) has long been keen to make his second visit to Japan, and he’ll be here from June 27 to 30 to promote the movie in Tokyo and Osaka. The series is the only one in which each movie has grossed over ¥10 billion in Japan, but box office totals have been dropping since the first movie made over ¥20 billion in 2001. Warner Brothers is aiming to clear over ¥100 billion in Japan for the entire 7-episode series and creating maximum hype for the latest movie is seen as the key. It’s the first time for a Harry Potter movie to premiere outside the U.K. and tickets for the events will be like gold dust. Promoters say that only 900 lucky fans will be chosen by lottery for entry to an event, separate to the movie screening, in the Roppongi Hills Arena. “Order of the Phoenix” is scheduled for theatrical release on July 21.

• Talento Hosokawa Fumie (35) may (or may not) have had a tropical wedding earlier this month…to a married man, according to the weekly gossip magazine “Flash”. After a six-year relationship with an American street performer ended in 2005, Hosokawa said she had a new boyfriend. Flash reported that she and 44-year-old “A-san”, owner of a real estate company, held a wedding ceremony on the island of Saipan on April 7. But it turns out that he already has a wife. In response to inquiries from a reporter, he said the event had not been a wedding (though Hosokawa wore a wedding dress), while she reportedly called her parents in Japan to tell them she’d just got married.

• The 17-year wait is over for fans of “visual kei” rock band D’Erlanger. The group performed an open-air concert for over 3,000 fans last night at Hibiya Park in central Tokyo.