A Happy Day for Angela Aki

Popular singer songwriter Angela Aki (29) is getting married again, according to her official website. The lucky man is 41-year-old “A-san”, who has worked with her as a music director since before her major label debut. They plan to register their marriage today. Angela was born in Tokushima Prefecture but the family moved to Hawaii when she was in junior high and later to Washington D.C. Her mother is Italian-American and her Japanese father is Aki Kiyoshi, the owner and co-founder of the major AEON chain of English conversation schools. Angela started playing the piano at the age of three and continued her interest in music after moving to the U.S., where she graduated from George Washington University and also had a short-lived marriage. She returned to Japan in 2003 and made her indie debut with the mini-album “One” in March 2005. She moved to the major Sony Music label and released “Home” in September of the same year. Her big successes to date include singing “Kiss Me Goodbye”, the theme for Final Fantasy XII, and performing at the venerable Nippon Budokan in December 2006. She is known for her bilingual ability, “haafu” looks and trademark glasses. She is scheduled to perform her latest single “Sakura Iro” on tonight’s edition of “Music Station”.