Daily Archives: March 22, 2007

Ultra Variety Movie

Yesterday saw the unveiling of the official poster for the 13th movie by Kitano “Beat” Takeshi (60). “Kantoku Banzai”, due for release on June 2, is billed as an “ultra variety movie” and combines a whole host of cinematic and television styles. In that sense it reflects the multi-faceted nature of Kitano’s career – he has worked as an emcee in a strip club, a manzai comedian, a talk show and variety show host, a writer, an actor and a movie director. Asked about the new movie, he said, “People will either get it and be laughing all the way through or they’ll just be stumped.” Kitano has always pushed at the boundaries of taste and his latest project is bound to offend some. He sees it as being equal to or even better than the often ultra-violent movies that earned him international fame and respect but doubts that it will be seen that way. And he admitted he would be a bit embarrassed to show it at a film festival like Cannes.