Aya’s At it Again

Recently divorced actress Sugimoto Aya (35) has released a new collection of essays with a title that translates as “Orgasm Life: My Declaration of Emancipation”. She also announced that she will soon publish her third erotic novel, “Lost Virgin”, whose storyline of a divorced actress sounds all too familiar. The self-confessed sex fiend has built a reputation as a seductress and woman with a healthy “appetite”. She says the new book is based 80% on her own experiences.

• Manga artist Yokoyama Mitsuteru died recently in a Tokyo hospital after a fire at his home, said to have been caused by his smoking in bed. He was 69. Yokoyama is known as the creator of such popular manga and TV anime series as “Testujin 28-go” (Robot #28) and “Mahou Tsukai Sally” (Sally the Witch).