Pink Lady Complete Comeback Tour

22 years after they broke up, Pink Lady finished their 6-month national comeback tour with a show at the Tokyo International Forum. The duo of Mii (Nemoto Mitsuyo, 46) and Kei (Masuda Keiko, 46) were one of the biggest pop acts of the late 1970s. Mii divorced her music director husband last month.

• Actress Okouchi Nanako (26) has been romantically linked with actor Nishina Masaki (21), son of vetran actress Nishina Akiko (51). Okouchi has made something of a name for herself in a recent popular afternoon soap opera.

• The Tokyo home and office of movie director Ichikawa Kon (86) was broken into recently. Police in the Shibuya district are investigating the theft of about ¥2 million in cash.