Daily Archives: April 5, 2004

Otsuru Silent

Actor Otsuru Gitan (35), the estranged husband of Brazilian singer Marcia (photo, 35) returned to Japan after an extended trip abroad. On his arrival at Narita Airport, he refused to answer reporters’ questions about claims by his wife’s that she had caught him “in the act” last December with another woman. Otsuru spent the last four months working on a TV program about a trip by taxi from the southern tip of Argentina to New York. He says he will speak about his marriage situation following a press conference for the show on April 8.

• About 25,000 fans turned out in the rain yesterday at Chiba’s Narita-san Shinshoji temple for a ceremony to mark the upcoming name change of kabuki actor Ichikawa Shinnosuke (26). The popular young actor will become the 11th Ichikawa Ebizou from next month. 200 fellow actors and family members, including his father Ichikawa Danjuro (56), attended the ceremony.