Daily Archives: April 28, 2004

Burning Down the House

The apartment of Shiina Junpei (photo, 29), elder brother of singer Shiina Ringo (25), was destroyed Monday in a fire started by his wife’s cooking. Junpei, also a singer who recently recorded a duet with Shinohara Ryoko, was sleeping in his room when the fire broke out. He escaped without injury, while his wife – who had been cooking tempura – suffered from minor smoke inhalation.

• Singer Chiba Maria (55) attended a PR event yesterday to promote her new book, “Baka demo ii sa” (It’s Alright to be Stupid). She was accompanied by her sons Kotaro (34) and Masashi (19). Masashi was born following an affair with popular actor Matsukata Hiroki (61), something Chiba writes explicitly about in her book. She also talks about the sexual abuse she received as a child. When asked if he planned to follow his old man into show business, Masashi said “It would be cool if I were as popular with the ladies as he is. But the chances of that are, what, 2%?”

• TBS presenter Komada Kengo (30) announced that is to marry former sports presenter Takahashi Shiho (25) in early May. The 173cm model-like Takahashi retired from TBS in 2002.