Daily Archives: April 21, 2004

Breakup For Asaka

Actress Seto Asaka (photo, 27) and actor Hakamada Yoshihiko (30) have split up. The two met in spring of last year while on location together for the first time in nine years and started going out at that time. They were spotted out on dates several times over the last year. But they have been unable to reconcile their busy working schedules and decided to make the split.

• The latest album by Utada Hikaru (21) has set a new record. It is the first time the first four albums by an artist have all become double million sellers. “Single Collection” is currently top of the Oricon charts. Utada recently appeared in public with her husband for the first time. She accompanied Kiriya Kazuaki (36) to the premiere of “Casshern”, his movie-directing debut. Meanwhile, the top-selling single, “Aja” by Southern All Stars, is their 38th Top 10 hit, tying them for the record with Tahara Toshihiko.